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"The Mirror of Magic came to be in this fashion. At the Great Council there appeared A Great White Throne; And Almegon sat on it, clothed in unapproachable light, a beaming glory no sentient could in it delight. Then dancing with glee, Sacred Fire redly materialized. The Guardian Lord descended to Almegon’s side too. Thereafter, one by one, from distant realms, all appeared, from Lords to Elves. And then in the midst there appeared from invisible realms the Mirror of Magic. It formed and shaped out of the Glassy Sea, rising for all to see. Almegon said: "Behold the Mirror of Magic!" For he knew Bösengelkor would defile it. The Mirror of Magic dominated the center of the sea of glass upon which it rested, surrounded by all chief Hellarcons, Elves,

Tyonians, Earthlings, Nevnamonians and Dwarfs at the Council. And last of all came Lord Dragon, caped in red, his eyes piercing, with the leader of the Hörenrei, Lord Träumtotter at his side. Bösengelkor spoke an incantation over the Mirror of Magic, as Almegon presciently named it. Lastly, Amatoriel seized the Mirror of Magic, and at the fury of the agreement of the Great Council, which he declared doomed his offspring, Agia, planted the Mirror of Magic in Tykarindom."

-- Excerpted from, Tykarindom: The Histories. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

"Now, even after the Great War, when the Urbanites had awaken from the immortal-mortal sleep, they had not taken the 

lesson from the Wunder of 

Samanadonisa, but instead all the chief 

Urbanites became proud and boastful, 

returning unreformed to the Magic Arts. 

For they said, 'Samanadonisa forced us to sleep but Bösengelkor gave us magic.' So led by the enchantments of Böengelkor they developed schools of Magic so that if War 

came again, their might destroy the prophesied Supernaturalite; they sent their children to 

learn wizardry, sorcery, channeling, spell casting and conjuring. They worshiped the Mirror of Magic as their protector, and the Boundary of Peace as justification.  And they had a name 

for every Eartonian who refused to learn any of their arts, and they called them -- The Zauberlos.  It was a term of derision and distain. And they hated the Tyonians most of 

all for being among The Zauberlos for they had what Urbanites called, the Disease, by whichthey meant the Aura from the Wunder of Almegon.  

-- From Tykarindom: The Histories, Fragment 43  Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. 

"Now, Bösengelkor, that Aeonic Hellarcon, called Malangelos and Herrdunkel, was cunning; for when he perceived the Silver Wand of the Urban Queen, which was beautiful and finely shaped beyond any he had ever seen, had latent power to contain the Ousia of the promised Supernaturalite; he discerned it would give him unchallenged dominion over the Mirror of Magic, and so he promised the Urban Queen dominion over Urban in exchange for her Silver Wand. And she bent herself to self-enchantment, and allowed herself to be deceived. So, Bösengelkor obtained the Silver Wand, and he spellbound its magical elements even more; but Almegon caused him to misplace the Silver Wand so that a Qualla of Queensland, named Ke'ai, would stumble upon the Silver Wand, and Ke'ai took the Wand of Endless Magic to his home. For he did not realize it had been enchanted by Bösengelkor himself. Ke'ai never spoke of the Silver Wand to anyone, and no living soul knew where the Wand of Endless magic lie. For Ke'ai did not know the history of the Wand of Endless Magic. Nor had he ever seen a Wand like it that would warn him of the danger."

-- Tykarindom: The Histories.  Copyright 2016.  All Rights Reserved.

"Now Tykarindom lie way to the east of Urban, beyond the Misty Island and the Island Kingdom. The Tyonians, or Ty people as they came to be called, were feared and scorned by all other Eartonians because they preserved evidence of a Supernature in their Aura. And Lord Dragon hated the Ty people most of all, for they were of the nature of Samanadonisa and Amatoriel, prefiguring the coming of Agia the Supernaturalite."

-- Excerpted from Tykarindom: The Histories, by Dr. Larry E. Johnson, Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

"Now Mars Island is a dwelling of Elves. Surrounded by the Crystal West Sea, and lying west of Queensland, it exists in the shadow of Lord Dragon domains North of Übelplatz. Some claim Eldolore the Elf made a wicked Dark Oath with Lord Dragon, like unto the Dark Oath made between the Knuians and the Tribune of Power, and that is the reason Mars Island survives in a realm shrouded in the Black Mist. It is this unspoken fear which taints the elves of the 3rd Age. The presence of Eldain the Elf and the existence of the Library of Elandria, with all the historical and artistic works of Earton there, are the only mysterious Lights which most Eartonians dare to trust from beyond the Sea. For Eldain walked with Agia the Supernaturalite there, and it was said the Aura of Samanadonisa visited him there, and it was he who passed down the histories which otherwise would be lost to Terrestrials."

--  Excerpted from, Tykarindom: The Histories. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

"Some say, in a time before the Great War, and before the Mirror of Magic, there once lived a race of beings who called themselves, the Sailors; for as yet, the Oceans dominated Earton from Mars Island to the furthest East Winds into the Hearth of Queensland. In this world of High Waves and Chaos. Lord Dragon brooded his expulsion from the Council of the Lords, Reitgotthoch and the Sea of Glass. The sailors passed on the tale that when Lord Dragon discovered the Leviathan and discerned Leviathan possessed the Telling Shell, he murdered Leviathan, then with the Wand of Endless Magic, shaped by the Nature formed from the Wunder of Sacred Fire, he dried up the Oceans to steal the Telling Shell. For he had heard of the Prophecy of the Supernaturalite, and he determined to know all of it.

-- Editors Note:This fragment was found in the so-called Book of Legends, said to be composed by Stephan The Riddleweiser in the 1st Age. Some Dwarf scholars argue the tale is from the Aeon, and the Riddleweiser is not the author, but an Eden composed it. Such is a fanciful and preposterous conclusion. The Earliest I would date it is the 2nd Age, and as to authorship, the document itself names Eldolore the Elf as the author. I see no reason to doubt it, for Eldolore often names himself in his works. But not all of our wisest scholars agree with me. They contend the writing is not Eldolore's as compared to his agreed corpus. They argue Eldolore only wrote of the Great War, and this information predates it. They conclude the author is unknown, saying it is at most pseudo-Eldolore and date the work to the late part of 2nd Age or early part of the 3rd Age. From Tykarindom: Histories,by Eldain the Elf, Book 1, Chap 35"

-- Excerpted from, Tykarindom: The Histories. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

"Now these are the peoples of the Terrestrial order, who inhabited Earton in the 1st Age before the birth of the Agia the Supernaturalite: the Aquatians, the Dwarves, the Earthlings also know as the Landers, the Elves, the Hörenrei who are of the magic of Lord Dragon, and the Eartonians, being the first peoples of Earton, who were also known as the Blonde ones, who were related to the Tyonians by blood and were Gatekeepers to the Mirror of Magic. Then there are the Quallas ofQueensland, who did not take part in the Great War, but stood aloof. Then, finally, there are the Martians who migrated to Earton towards the end of the 1st Age and the Great War, from among whom are the Elves."

-- Excerpted from, Tykarindom: The Histories. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Now Almegon saw all; for He Alone was 

Being.  He was the Author of Time, and 

time had no hold upon Almegon; neither 

Him, nor Guardian Lord, nor The Sacred 

Fire.  Nor any to whom Almegon gifted Zeitwunderseele. And Almegon saw all 

that Samanadonisa did within the creature 

Time.  And Almegon beheld every thought, action, and reason of Amatoriel within the creature Time.  And the Three Person 

Being, having agreed to the Game, agreed also to allow all to participate in the Game's 

eternal restriction to will.  And they called it: Almegon’s Game, for He was First.  They called Almegon, First Cause and First, the Eternal Will.   Time however, that creature, Being saw 

much mischief with.  And Almegon said to His Equally Being Companions:  “Let us divide 

Time into three parts.  And let us keep back a part to ourselves.”  Sacred Fire laughed 

happily.  “Yes.  Yes.  It should be so.”  And Guardian Lord sternly proclaimed: “Let it be 

written in all the annals that Time is divided into Past, Present and Future.”  And it was so.  

-- Excerpted from, Tykarindom: The Histories.  Copyright 2016.  All Rights Reserved.