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Aeon Century Company Film productions is now making the following casting call for its Toll House Horrors Production:

Starring role:  Athena Kolovos-Harding
Camera age:  21 - 31
Physical Type:  Slim, Slender
Dark hair and dark eyes preferred
Accent:  Greek or Eastern European
Requirement:  A USA Resident/ Relocation to Colorado or neighboring state within 3 hours drive of Boulder or Denver, Colorado. 

Submission Deadline:  August 15, 2017
Send submission to:

Athena Kolovos-Harding, Staring role of Toll House Horrors.  Athena is a tormented soul. A Brilliant author, and skeptical of her sister's lover,  she allows herself to be drawn in to be his lover as well. The consequences will shatter the entire world.  She has to struggle to save her family from the Horrors of the Tollers -- evil spirits who work for a vigilante group in the small town of Boulder, Colorado to prepare the way for the Great Shadow. . The Tollers can only operate in the Existence between the dead and living, and Athena Harding is either dead or having a near death experience. Either way, she has to confront the Tollers, because the horror for Earth is just beginning.

Aeon Century Company, Inc. is a USA, Colorado based debuting motion picture production company, committed to bringing new cinematic expressions of history, fantasy and spiritual films to the Big screen. It is featuring 3 debuts films Tykarindom, Theodora The Great and Toll House Horrors.

We are 21st Century Diversity That Works!

Tykarindom is the Flagship Feature-Film Production of ACC, and Toll House Horrors follows in its footsteps.  Below a preproduction video from Toll House Horror's sister production at ACC, Tykarindom.