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Polina Kravtsova auditioned for the role of Agia the Supernaturalite during the summer 2016 screentests, then landed this starring role as Athena Harding in Toll House Horrors. Casting for the additional roles to join Kravtsova's leading will soon begin.

Aeon Century Company, Inc. is a USA, Colorado based debuting motion picture production company, committed to bringing new cinematic expressions of history, fantasy and spiritual films to the Big screen. It is featuring 3 debuts films Tykarindom, Theodora The Great and Toll House Horrors.

We are 21st Century Diversity That Works!

Toll House Horrors...

From time to time we will be publish a VLOG journey to the big screen for Toll House Horrors. The Journey to the Big Screen THH VLOG will be available on all the Toll House Horrors Social Media -- FB Aeon, FB Toll House Horrors, and here, the website Toll House Horrors page. So without further delay...

"Somewhere in reality there is a line; a line so thin only spirits can pass through.  And some spirits have found that line.  They are here, right now; waiting for you, seeking you, desiring you, plotting to destroy you with all their ancient venom.  And for Athena Harding, (Graduate Student and Author), the wait is over and the Toll House Horror has begun."  -- Toll House Horrors

 (Irgendwo in der Realität gibt es eine Grenzlinie; eine Linie die so dünn, dass sie nur Geister und spirituelle Wesen durchqueren können. Und einige Geister haben diese Grenzlinie gefunden. Sie sind hier, in diesem Augenblick;  sie warten auf Euch, sie suchen Euch, sie begehren Euch, und sie sind bereit Euch mit all ihren Giften zu zerstören. Und für Athena Harding, eine Studentin und Autorin an der Universität Graudat, ist das Warten vorbei und der Toll House Horror hat gerade erst begonnen.)

(wir freuen uns, euch Polina Kravtsova als Athena Harding in "Toll House Horrors" vorstellen zu dürfen!)

Introducing Polina Kravtsova as Athena Harding in Toll House

Inspired by the best in classical horrors