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Dr. Larry E. Johnson

Greenwood Village, Colorado




Colorado University, School of Law, Juris Doctorate

State University of New York at Binghamton, MAT, Secondary Education, Minor in U.S. History.

State University of New York at Binghamton, BA, History, Greek and Roman.


Greeley 6 School District, Substitute Teacher, Social Studies, German, Spanish, Grades 6 - 12; 2013 - 2016

Adams 14 School District, Substitute Teacher, Social Studies, German, Spanish, Grades 6 - 12; 2013 - 2016

Boulder Valley School District, Substitute Teacher, Social Studies, German, Spanish, Grades 7 - 12; 2008 – 2013

Phoenix University, Oneline Teacher, Creative Writing, Summer 2008.


Screenwriting/ Novelist/ Nonfiction/ Producer of short TV Commercials and Radio Programs.  


Colorado Professional Teacher’s License issued, Social Studies

Secondary.  #0504008


Trilingual in English (Fluent); German (Advanced), and Spanish (Intermediate level).  Completed first year of Chinese, Mandarin (beginner).


Tykarindom: The Histories, 2016

Bronx Boy: A Spiritual Autobiography, 2015

Progressive-Conservatism And A New America, 2015

Tomb, 2015

Theodora The Great, Screenplay, Copyright 2012

Children of Tykarindom, Copyright 2012

Toll House Horrors, Copyright 2013

Tykarindom, 2nd Edition, Copyright 2013

Temptations, Part II of Tykarindom, Copyright 2013

Extraterrestrials, Part III of Tykarindom, Copyright 2014

Imperium, Copyright 2014.

Guardian of the Nypmhs, Copyright 1984


Theodora The Great, Copyright 2012

Imperium, Copyright 2014 


Tykarindom: The Histories, 2016

Bronx Boy:  A Spiritual Autobiography, 2015

Progressive-Conservatism And A New America, 2015

Tomb, 2015 (Political Thriller)

Letters to African-Americans: Chiefly on Orthodox Christianity

Christian History Magazine: Psychology of Martyrdom


Radio Theater Producer,  WHRW Radio, SUNY-Binghamton 1983-1984

Radio DJ Substitute Host, KOA Radio, Denver, CO 1980's 

TV Commercial Producer, Broadcast in Denver Cable Markers -- 1990s

Trailer, Theodora The Great, shot with Dir of Photography in the Remake of Pride and Prejudice. August 2010

Dec 31, 2016--
Last day of 2016.  And today, I thought I add a few new reflections here.  Toll House Horrors has now become the third of my in process debut films.  Did not initially plan to have Toll House Horrors in the mix this early, but as we often learn, and the scriptures confirm, "With his heart man sets his course, but the Lord direct his steps."  Tykarindom has made tremendously quick progress from July when I started casting calls for Agia The Supernaturalite, and now Ana Avdellas holds this amazing role.  I am very pleased with that choice, and feel secure in her commitment and ability.  The Avdellas family has been beyond a blessing to me this year.  I look forward to many blessings with and for this family in the year ahead.  Tykarindom has an exciting international and diverse cast, something I very much wanted to make happen.  Our Full Cast Announcement Party will ring in the new year for Tykarindom, on Jan 7th.  Just one day after Orthodox Christian Christmas around the world.  Theodora The Great has a wonderful new co-star, Brooke Stein.  An Actress of tremendous talent and potential.  The search for her co-stars to match will be an eye opening one I think.  And Lastly what can I say of Polina Kravtsova?  Words would fail me for the pizzazz and daring she displays in her acting, as the Lead Athena Harding, for Toll House Horrors, I am confident the set will be one rocking place all the way to the big screen.  I hope your 2016 saw progress in the same way, minus always the lemon in our honey --- and Darf 2017 ein gesegnetes neues Jahr Euch alle seien!

Aug 14, 2016--

I have not blogged in a while.  So, I thought I would take this occasion of our open casting calls to say a couple words about Tykarindom and Theodora The Great.  I must admit, having two debut motion picture screenplays, for a brand new American Studio is quite a challenge.  I took it on long ago, and I am determined to finish what I started.    Or put a way the Apostle Paul put it (who many Christians see as their greatest example outside Jesus Himself) so many centuries ago, "I was not disobedient to the vision."

Tykarindom and Theodora The Great are not so worlds apart as some might think.  They both very spiritual expressions of love of my God.  One takes a look at the world of spirit, or the struggle of good verses evil, in the realm of fantasy and adventure.  While the other takes a look at the spiritual struggle in the realm of real life history, and a historical figure who while justly named a "saint" in the Christian Catholic sense, is so very close to us all in her un-glorified humanity.    I was hesitate to have a casting call for Theodora The Great with Tykarindom.  But after discussion with my co-producer, it was decided it made sense.  The focus would still be on Tykarindom and Agia the Supernaturalite, but there was no reason not to continue the search for the Great Empress of the Ancient world.  

"Theodora The Great is a thoroughly researched historical interpretation; every scene has a factual historical basis of some kind.  All the leading character roles are real historical persons with real stories told under the umbrella of Theodora's Great Life.  This is my life purpose (Meine Lebenswerk), and there is no way this film will not be completed.  No doubt, there are many obstacles, some artificially created and some natural, but every investor should be assured -- they've found a screenplay vehicle that is a winner and is historically, cinematically, meaningful! "

-- Dr. Larry E. Johnson, Historian/Producer/Director/Copyright Owner.

In Theodora Die Große habe ich jede Szene mit einer historische Faktenbasis geschrieben. Alle Hauptrollen sind echte historische Personen mit echte Geschichten; sie sind innerhalb das Leben Der Theodora Die Große erzählt. Dieser Film ist meine Lebenswerk!  Es ist meine Hoffnung, wenn ich mit dem Film Fertig fertig bin, die Zielgruppen die es sehen,  die kommen Weg mit dem Gefühl, dass sie haben Filmkunst am höchsten erleben.

Dr. Larry E. Johnson, the creator and producer/director of Theodora The Great, is also the Founder and President of Aeon Century Company. 

Dr. Johnson grew up in New York City, spending his formative years in Harlem, Manhattan and his Pre-Adult years in the Bronx.  He's a graduate of William H. Taft High School.  It was under the tutelage of Abby Hymowitz that Dr. Johnson did his first journal writing.    He also edited the Taft Annex School Newspaper. 

He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he finished with a BA in Ancient History, and with a honors paper entitled: "The Psychology of Martyrdom in Ancient Rome."  He afterward completed his MAT at the SUNY-Binghamton as well before moving  to Coloado.  Dr. Johnson completed his Juris Doctorte attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and passed the Colorado Bar .  He also holds a Professional Teacher's Certification for the State of Colorado at the Secondary level.

Dr. Johnson founded Aeon Century Company to produce his screenplays, of which, he is the original copyright owner of several: Theodora The Great, The Trilogy Tykarindom Saga, Imperium, Toll House Horrors.

Dr. Johnson presently teaches High School and Middle School history and social studies in the Colorado public schools.

Liebe, Kaiserin....

du gibst mir den Grund, die Hoffunug, die Begeisterung;

und ich weiss, die Zeit kommt, wann schaffen wir miteinander, historische Filmkunst;

Deshalb, warte ich mit meinen Augen auf Himmel; bis herab kommt, mein Engel.  

Frage?  Schreib mir:  

Mit diesem Video, spricht Regisseur Dr. Johnson ein bischen auf Deutsch über Theodora Die Große, die Filmproduktion, und seine Einladung für die anderen der deutschsprechende Hintergrund teilzunehmen.