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Aeon Century Incorporated Film Productions with The Debut Films, Tykarindom, Theodora The Great and Toll House Horror.

In addition several screenplays for this debuting American Studio stand in the background, ready or in treatment to move forward.  Become a part of the American Film Studio of the Rockies. 

 Theodora The Great is a thoroughly researched historically interpretative screenplay telling the story of the most consequential empress of the ancient world; every scene has a factual historical basis of some kind. All the leading character roles are real historical persons with real stories told under the umbrella of Theodora's Great Life.

The Tykarindom Saga is the story of Agia The Supernaturalite and her six companions who face danger in a struggle between the realms of magic and the supernatural. This is a planned multi-film saga with the first three screenplays already written.

Aeon Century Company, Inc. debut three is finished off with Toll House Horrors, the horrific story of Athena Harding, trapped between the living and the dead, she is in a race against time to save her family from the Toll Houses.  

Imperium is the completed screenplay about a gifted missionary, Charlotte Constantinoplous, a historical drama set in 1890s- 1910 China, in an age of Empires. Die Anschluss is a historical drama with the leading role of Stefani Hesse-Morewedge, a composite character reflecting the experiences of many German resistance heroes in the Nazi era; set in 1938 - 1945 Germany and Austria. Finally, there is the historical thriller, 

You can be a part of this journey we are eager to join with Executive and Associate Producers.


"Es gibt Licht noch in der Finsternis..."

Ich wurde geboren, Stefani Hesse-Morewedge am 15. Dezember 1908, in Salzburg, Österreich. Ich lebte in der Zeit der Hitler Deutschland. Ich bin Österreich; Ich bin römisch-katholisch. Meine Geschichte ist die wahre Geschichte vieler Österreicher als Teil des Deutschen Reiches.

"Die Anschluss" ist ein historisches Drama, 1938-1945 in Deutschland und Österreich gesetzt. Mit einem ursprünglichen zusammengesetzten Hauptspielerinrolle -- Stefani Hesse-Morewedge. 

Eine Historische Geschichte, die von dem Leben Sophie Scholl und andere Deutsche Helden durch die Nazi Zweit inspiriert worden hat.

The Tykarindom Saga, begins with the original fantasy-adventure, Tykarindom.  Agia the Supernaturalite and her six companions (Sophia, Ke'ai, Nadine, Casandra, Joanna and Muna), confront danger in a struggle between the Agents of Magic and the Lords of the Supernatural.  An original creation of Dr. Larry E. Johnson, the search for the third of Aeon Century Company planned debut Studio Stars is in full swing.  Camera age 9 -13, no taller for the first production than 5'0.  Looking for someone who will grow into the next installments of the Saga.  The story continues with Temptations and Extraterrestrials.  All auditions are by appointment only.   Looking to discover that "other worldly" look. 

Send hardcopy of headshot and resume to:  Director, Dr. Larry E. Johnson, 1663 Egret Way, Superior, Colorado 80027.

Imperium, the turn of the 20th century historical period piece from Dr. Johnson introduces his original character, Charlotte Constantinopolus.   

"I saw a Boxer on legation street. He was seated on the shaft of a cart. His hair was bound with red cloth. He had a large carving knife in his hand, sharping it on the heel of his boot, gazing at me. I have been preaching the gospel of God... since that day until now, warning every Chinese to be free from the spirit of ancestors, who are not gods...." -- Charlotte Constantinopolous

Imperium is the story of the Charlotte Constantinopolous, a turn of the century aristocratic daughter, who joins her father, mother, younger sister and two little brothers on a journey through the international empire building era of the West and Japan. Charlotte dreams of a sightseeing experience through the exotic world of a China forced open by imperial powers plummets her into a series of events which transforms a come of age daughter into the mightiest Christian missionary of her times.
Toll House Horrors  --

"The Toll House Horrors; they come when you're all alone."  -- Toll House Horrors, Copyright 2013, Larry Johnson.  All Rights Reserved.

"Somewhere in reality there is a line; a line so thin only spirits can pass through.  And some spirits have found that line.  They are here, right now; waiting for you, seeking you, desiring you, plotting to destroy you with all their ancient venom.  And for Athena Harding, the wait is over and the Toll House Horrors have begun."  

"This world is thiers!" -- Athena Harding, Toll House Horrors. 


"She is humanity's only hope and its greatest terror."  


Kitra Hanson had it all; an American pedigree reaching back to colonial times, a Harvard business degree, wealth, political connections to American Presidents, and the one thing the NSA, MASSAD and The Lodge feared -- the relic. 

Purchase the book that Dr. Johnson calls his most creative original character.  Kitra Hanson. Now in screenplay treatment as well for Aeon Century Company, Inc.

Get your copy of this suspense-thriller with metaphysical political overtones.  Unique, creative, a breakthrough original character for Dr. Johnson.

Ida, an original screenplay by Dr. Larry E. Johnson; now in script treatment. Before The Americans With Disability Act, there was the courage of one Woman who would rise to be the first First Lady of the 20th Century -- Ida.

City of Magnificent Intentions

Set in 1865 - 1877 Reconstruction America, this period and historical drama, now in original script treatment from Dr. Larry E. Johnson, follows the family of President Andrew Johnson and four other northern and southern families in a time of change immediately after the close of the American Civil War in the Southern Louisiana City of New Orleans.  It was a time that reshaped and planted the seeds of today's America.

"Let them impeach and be  damned!" -- President Andrew Johnson, 1865.