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Co-Starring role, Little Theodora

Brooke Stein.



Camera age 17-19; height 4'8 - 5'0; dark hair and eyes.

This is a magnificent acting  opportunity for a new actress looking to break out. 

Send your head shot and resume to the email address below.

3. CO-STARRING ROLE; JUSTINIAN THE GREAT. Co-starring role, Emperor Justinian The Great. 

Camera age 35 - 40. Height 5'9 - 6'0. 

Looking for someone with excellent diction; must give off an impression intellectual weight.

"The Chalcedon Council’s decision that Christ has both, and equally, without division or separation, without confusion or intermingling, a human and a divine nature united in one Person, is well known and held to by this Emperor." -- Emperor Justinian to Patriarch Epiphanaeus in Dr. Larry E. Johnson's Theodora The Great, Scene 66, Copyright 2000-2016.  All Rights Reserved. 


Camera age: 30- 40; 4'8-5'8;  Dark hair and eyes, or willingness to change the same. 

Theodora Ancient FBF; Antonina, wife of the legendary general, Belisarius.  This is a Lead Supporting Actress role, of major stature.   her love affair with Theodosius, shook the 6th century Roman World.  Only Theodora has more scene exposure than the historic role of  Antonina. 

Send your head shot and resume to email address below.


Camera age 30- 35. Height. 59 -5'11.

Looking for someone physically prepared for an artistic but strenuous role; martial arts training, horse riding skills, sword play, extreme plus.

All Auditions are by appointment only. Send portfolio for consideration to email address below.

5. SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Comito, older sister of Theodora.  

Camera age: 19-21. Height 4'8 - 5'8.

The role of Comito is a significant supporting actress role in Theodora The Great.

All Auditions are by appointment only. Send portfolio for consideration to the email address below.

Supporting, Vanessa Urzia
Anastasia (Younger sister of Theodora the Great)


Macedonia Carthingus. The famed Constantinople Dance, Macedonia and Byzantine Court informant.  Important historic connection to Theodora The Great, involved in history altering moments.  A dynamic supporting role, Camera age :30 - 35.  Height no more than 5'8. 

Amalasuntha, Goth Regent Queen of Italy.  A major historical character and supporting role. Camera age: 21-30.  Height 4'8 - 5'8.  Of European or Germanic descent. German accent a plus.  

John of Cappadocia, Prefect of Constantinople.  Major historical character and supporting role.  Camera age: 30-35.  

Patriarch Epiphanaeus, a significant and important historical personage, eastern theologian and supporting actor role. Camera age: 35-45. Looking for a tall, impressionable, bulky figure. One who gives a sense of heft and determination. ... The role is one of the Highest ruling Bishop at a crucial time in the life of the Byzantine Roman Empire.  

Pope Agapetus,  significant supporting role of this historical Roman Bishop.  Camera age subject to ability to play an aged, frail character.  Height, no more than 5'8.  

Theologian Severus. Legendary Theologian Severus one of several significant historic characters. Camera Age: 30-45, 5'8-5'11, 150-180 lbs. Solid English skills. Looking for someone with Mediterranean features, Turkish or Greek. Egyptian-like features; a Hispanic with a tanned/olive look.

Areobindus Carthingus, Supporting role.  Areobindus is the son of ambitious family in the shadow of Theodora's dawning age. Unexpectedly selected by Theodora to be her messenger and steward, the noble Areobindus must maneuver himself in dangerous, historic high court intrigue. 
Looking for someone who is Camera age 18 - 25. 5'8 - 5'11.  Send portfolio for consideration to the email address below.

Paul the Envoy, a meaningful support role as the messenger of the imperial couple, Theodora The Great and her husband Emperor, Justinian The Great. Camera age: 21-15.  Height 5'8 - 6'0.

Supporting male role, Procopius: Byzantine Court Historian and Secretary of General Belisarius. Camera age 25 - 35. This is a role portraying the historical personage an important chronicler of Theodora's reign. A fun, meaningful, break in role. With a few important on camera, speaking opportunities.  Send headshot and resume.

Apamea Tetullius. "I am called Apamea Tertullius, my Lady; I am Macedonia‘s younger sister." -- Apamea plays a fun transition and link support role to a couple historic turning points in Theodora The Great. Camera age: 15 - 18. A break in speaking role for a new actress to begin her career with. Send your head shot and resume.

Amara, Ethiopian Trading Princes from Axum. This is a serious breakout, supporting role. Looking for someone with dark complexion to be viewed as African, African-American. Camera age 21- 28. No taller than 5'8. Petite. 

Theodatus, Goth Philosopher and Grand Newphew of Theodoric The Great.  Camera age: 25 - 38.  5'9'-5'11

This role is brief but powerful in its historic impact.  Excellent role for someone looking for just a little more than a Cameo speaking role, but not too much.

Princess Matasuintha.  The significant supporting role of Goth Princess Matasuintha, sister to Goth regent queen, Amalasuntha; Camera age 18 - 21. Height 4'8 - 5'8. Blonde hair and brown or dark eyes or willingness to change the same; No more than 150 lbs. German accent skills a plus.
Theodosius -- A major supporting role; Camera age 21- 25, 5'9- 5'11, looking for someone with dark complexion, Mediterranean features a plus, Ethiopian feature a plus, sword or fencing skills a plus.
 Princes Sophia, Niece of Theodora The Great, the Empress who follows her great aunt on to the Roman Byzantine Throne. Camera Age: 7 - 12. Dark Hair and Eyes. This is a small but great break in role for a beginning child actress.  Heads

"Theodora Die Große dedizierte ich meinen Herrn und Erlöser, Jesus 

Christus. In Seinem Namen stieg die größte Kaiserin der Antike zu den Höhen des Erfolgs. Ich schrieb diese Geschichte in Seinem Namen; 

Während ich in Seiner Kommunion-Linie wartete, 

ich die Inspiration von diesem erstaunlichen Edelstein einer 

Lebensgeschichte fühlte." -- Drehbuchautor, Dr. Larry E. Johnson

"Theodora The Great is a dedicated to My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  In His name, the Greatest Empress of the Ancient World rose to the heights of accomplishment.  In His name, I wrote this story, and it was standing in His communion line, that I first felt the inspiration of this amazing gem of a life story." -- Screenwriter, Dr. Larry E. Johnson