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August 8, 2017--

Aeon Century  Company, Inc. is now seeking funders, sponsors, donors and distributors for our debut feature-film projects: Tykarindom, Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great and Imperium.  There will be an  informational meeting and presentation to interested invited persons on Saturday, 12 August 2pm -4pm (MST). at Koelbel Library, Centennial. Colorado.   Also informational meetings will be held on August 19th on the Pacific Coast in San Diego, CA. Location TBA and on the east coast, Philadelphia, PA August 25th and 26th, Location TBA.




Aeon Century Company, Inc and Aeon Century Film Productions, (ACC), is seeking to hire Commissioned Fundraisers for its debut motion picture: Tykarindom, Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great and Imperium. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a brand new American International Film Production Company. You would be helping bring major motion pictures to the big screen and getting rewarded for exciting meaningful work. If you are self-confident, self-motivated, are not afraid of being in new settings, bold and able to stand up to negative responses, this job could be for you. This month ACC is entering a very important stage. We are now offering Class "B" stock shares, at $1 per share in our film production company. Our goal is to raise $5 million dollars with these sales or a minimum threshold of $2.5 million. You have an excellent product to sell, 4 original screenplays and cast movies with excellent talent. We are having a big week coming, August 31st - Sept 5th as casts members from all over the world will be coming to Philadelphia to kick off what is called "principal photography" (or actual filming) of the flagship movie, Tykarindom. Talent from our other production plans -- Theodora The Great, Toll House Horrors and Imperium will also be coming. So, the funds are most urgently needed. Establishing a new American International film production company is an exciting adventure, This is your chance to get in on the ground floor as an "ACC Tykarindom Broker Agent" You will get 15% commission on each sale.

1. Fluent English
2. Bachelor's Degree
3. Broker's License
4. Locations of: Denver, San Diego or Los Angeles, Philadelphia or New York City.

E. Arapahoe Ave
Greenwood Village, CO 80216


July 28, 2017--
For all the updates for ACC productions visit:
  This website....
( is subject to a take over attempt and is temporarily unavailable.

The screenplays: Tykarindom, Theodora The Great, Toll House Horrors and Imperium, are the original creations of Dr. Larry E. Johnson and he is the sole copyright owner, and anyone purporting otherwise is engaging in copyright theft. ACC is the only company authorized to produce these works, and Dr. Johnson is the majority owner of this company, no other company is authorized to use Dr. Johnson's screenplays.

14 Nov 2016--

Upcoming next, Full Cast Announcement Party. Sat, 7 January  2017.   7pm - 9pm (MST)m Press and Public are invited. Join Ana Avdellas, Star of Tykarindom, as she unveils her supporting cast. Interested in attending this exciting day for the Cast of Tykarindom? Tickets are $7 per person for the general public. Press are free. Send your Ticket request or Press Pass request to:

Sat, 11 Nov 2016--

Aeon Century Company and the Tykarindom Production are proud to announce the signing of Ana Avdellas to portray the starring role of Agia The Supernaturalite.

Sat, Oct 29,2016--

Today is the Agia The Supernaturalite Finalists screen test day.

Wed, Oct 12, 2016 -- 


Location: Colorado USA

Skype times: 9am - 3pm (MST)

Oct 8, 2017--

Open Casting Call,

Nadine the Urbanite. One of the six 

companions of Agia the Supernaturalite 

in the original-fantasy 

adventure, Tykarindom. See inside for details.

Oct 4, 2016 --
Opening Casting Call Event for the Tykarindom Fantasy Film roles of Casandra and Urban Queen. 
When: Oct 22nd, Sat.
Where: TBA (Colorado, USA)
Skype Auditions: For out of State Talent only.  
Colorado residents must appear in person to the audition location.  
Time:  9:00am - 3:00pm (Skype Auditions); 3:30pm - 5:30pm (Local Auditions).  All times are Mountain Standard Time.  

Sept 29, 2016 --

Now taking submissions for the supporting roles of Casandra and Urban Queen.  

Sept 26, 2016 --

Tykarindom's Casandra. Major supporting role. Colorado Open Casting Call. Location to be announced. Sat, Oct 22. 3:30pm - 5:30pm (MST)  Colorado resident talent must appear at the open casting in person to be considered.

Out of state Skype Auditions by invitation only. Sat, Oct 22nd. 9:00AM - 3:00PM (MST) Submit your portfolio for out of state Skype audition by Sat, Oct 15th to:

Sept 17, 2016 -- 
This is Skype Audition Day for some Theodora The Great starring role candidates and a few Tykarindom Candidates.  Please be sure to request your skype connection at least 30 minutes before your scheduled Skype audition time.  The Skype ID is: Axum21st

Sept 14, 2016 -- 

Entry level Make-Up Artist sought. If you are interested in the being a Make-up Artist, and being part of a major motion picture effort, Aeon Century Company is seeking to hire two make-up Artist for its screen play auditions upcoming on Sat, Sept 24th. This is a half-day opportunity would could lead to future opportunities in our Tykarindom, Fantasy-Adventure production. The hours are 12noon - 6pm. The pay will be $8.25 per hour. If interested, send your resume to:

Sept 9, 2016 --

Tykarindom Starring role, Agia The Supernaturalite, Screen Tests have been scheduled.

August 20, 2016--

Because of the number of Skype Auditions during our open casting day, and to give as many eligible talents as possible an 

opportunity to audition for the role of Agia as we can get in a single day, we will be 

limiting Skype auditions to 15 minutes 

each audition.  We had originally thought 30 minutes but with a high level of interests, we find it necessary to set this time limit.  Skyping talent should prepare accordingly. 

Skyping Talent should remember their Skype connection request must appear on our Skype Channel no less than 24 hours before your scheduled audition time. 

On the day of Audition, Sat, Aug 27, we will contact those talents auditioning by skype using the Skype idea they connect to our Skype ID with.  Do NOT attempt to contact us, as we 

may be in the middle of wrapping up an audition.  

Talent who show up for the on site audition at the Louisville Recreation Center in Colorado, 

between 3:30pm - 5:30pm (MST), will not be time limited.

Aug 19, 2016--

Need a few extra dollars for your weekend?

The fantasy-adventure film project, Tykarindom, is seeking two temporary Production Assistants for Sat, Aug, 27th. Pay will be $10.00 per hour, for 3 hours. 3:00pm - 6pm (MST). Paid in cash. These positions will eventually become permanent during Principal Photography, with increasing Production Assistant opportunities and hours.

Work location: Louisville Recreational Center, 900 Via Appia Way, Louisville, Colorado 80027.

To Apply send your resume to:

August 16, 2016--

To: Tykarindom Agia Candidates

In our previous communications we left out our Skype ID for some of you.  Please make sure that you request Skype connection with us at least 24 hours before your scheduled Audition.  Our Skype ID is a follows:



Dr. Johnson and the Tykarindom Team  

Aug 14, 2016--

Two Day Open Casting Audition Search for the Star of the Epic, Original Historical Drama, Theodora The Great.  Never before produced by any other American Studio.  Sat, Aug 27th Walk In Auditions for Colorado Candidates.  Sun, Aug 28th Skype Auditions for out of State selected Candidates.  

August 13, 2016--

Aug 27th, Agia Skype Audition Candidates: Please be sure to request Skype connection at least 24 hours before your scheduled audition.  The Skype ID for Tykarindom Auditions is:  Axum21st

August 11, 2016--

Tykarindom Open Casting Day and Call Backs on Sat, August 27, will return to the Louisville Recreational Center, 900 Via Appia Way, Louisville, CO 80027.   Time. 3:30pm - 5:30pm.  

August 6, 2016--

Tykarindom Starring role, Agia The Supernaturalite  And Theodora The Great, Starring role.

Open Casting Day, Today for Colorado...
3:30pm - 5:30pm. .... Louisville Rec Center, Louisville, Colorado 

July 24, 2016--
The Theodora The Great Starring role open casting audition date has been moved to Sat, Aug 6.  There will also be a presentation for those interested in being a co-producer of our debut films, Tykarindom and Theodora The Great
July 7, 2016--
Aeon Century Company establishes Pro Se Consulting Division.  See inside for details

July 7, 2016--

June 9, 2016--

Now seeking the star of the original fantasy-adventure film project, Tykarindom, to portray the role of Agia The Supernaturalite. Auditions will be held, starting June 30 - July 31st. If interested submit your portfolio at: Submissions@aeoncentury.c
om. Your portfolio should include, headshot, CV and a voice recording not more than 120 seconds in length.  For more details, click on the Tykarindom button at the top of this page.

June 6, 2016--

"It has pleased both God and Justinian to make me Co-Ruler, Co-Imperator. I share in all honors, titles, and glory of my husband. I will insist on all the same courtesies and deferences." -- Empress Theodora to Patriarch Epiphanaeus, in Dr. Johnson's original historical drama about the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient World. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Become a supporter of this epic historical drama, visit our donation page, choose a Perk and make a donation to receive your Perk! Then follow us on all the various social networks through to the World Premier of this original cinematic production, never before produced by any other American Studio. Our Aeon Century Company Film Production Company Indiegogo fundraising site is updated with new perk opportunities. Visit for donation perk details. Help make it happen!

April 26, 2016--

Wir möchten euch vorstellen, Djay bei Theofye Productions, Co-Produzentin, Theodora Die Große.

Please, let me introduce to you Djay of Theofye Productions, Co-Producer of Theodora The Great.

24 April 2016-Dr. Johnson, Schöpfer und Produzent Theodora Die Große besucht München, Deutschland.  30 April durch 5 Mai.  Wenn Sie in Deutschland wohnen und möchten Sie für eine Rolle mit dem epischen historische Film, Theodora Die Große, als Schauspieler oder etwas anderer, deine Chance ist hier.  Sie können in diesem Augenblick einen Mitglied mit dieser wunderbaren historischen drama über die Großte Kaiserin der Antike Welt.  Erste Chance Vorspiele for die Hauptrolle Theodora Die Große am 5 Mai beendet.  Schicken Sie deine Vita to; .   Bis bald in München!  

Dr. Johnson, creator and producer of Theodora The Great, is heading to Munich, Germany.  April 30 - May 5th.  If you are a German native and would like to audition for Theodora the Great, this is your opportunity; don't miss a chance to be part of this soon to be produced epic historical drama about the greatest empress of the Ancient World.  First round auditions for the leading role of Theodora The Great close on May 5th.   

21 April 2016--

Wir bekommten $1600 (USD) Spenden! Danke! Haben Sie noch nicht unsere Spendeseite besucht? 

Danke Schön, zu aller Leute, die uns eine Spende gemacht haben oder tun werden! Wir sind ganz Glücklich, daß euch mit uns in der Producktion dieser ursprünglichen historischen Geschicte, Die Anschluß, teilnehmen! 

Haben Sie noch nicht unsere Spendeseite besucht? Bitte besuchen sie, hier:

Möchten Sie die Hauptrolle diese ursprüngliche historische Geschichte gewinnen? Senden Sie deine Portfolio zu:

April 15, 2016--
Working with new co-producer, Theofye Productions, new post added to our indiegogo fundraising site.

April 9, 2016--

Co-Producer Theofye to meet with Producer-Director, Dr. Johnson today to formalize team-building and financing plans for Aeon Century Company's Debut Film, theHistorical Drama, Theodora The Great

Neue co-Produzentin, Theofye werde mit Produzent-Regiseur Dr. Larry Johnsonheute Treffen, um Teamaufbauen zu plannen, für Theodora Die Große.

29 March 2016--

Producer-Director of Theodora The Great, Dr. Larry E. Johnson is joined by his new Co-Producer Theofye of Los Angeles.  All submissions to Theodora The Great are now to be sent to our new submissions box:  You can communicate directly with co-producer Theofye, by sending your communications to:  

14 March 2016--

Die Dreieinen Gott sei Dank. Wir haben der este Schritt für Theodora Die Grosse mit indiegogo erreicht. Jetzt, wir werden in der "inDemand" fundraising platform sein, nach gewinnend $1000 in Schenkung. Jetzt, wir wollen bevor April beenden, die $3000 Ziel erreicht. Beteiligen Sie sich mit uns, und helfen Sie uns Filmkunst Geschichte machen.

The All Holy Trinity be Thank! We reached our first fundraising mark for Theodora The Great. Now, we seek to reach our next mark and raise $3000 by the end of April. Join us and help us make American cinematic history.

Besuchen Sie die Schenkungseite hier (visit our indiegogo donation page here): ttp://

10 Feb 2016--

Wir haben 93% von unsrem Ziel für indiegogo "indemand" Verfahren erreicht; der este Schritt um dieses Filmstudio mit dem Historischedrama, Theodora Die Grosse zu bauen; Sei der Mensch, wer uns über das Ziel hilf mit einer Spende 10$ (USD oder EU) oder mehr und bekommen Sie ein besonderes geheimness Geschenk!

We have reached 93% of our planned "indemand" goal for indiegogo, the first step in establishing our new film studio with the debuting epic historical drama, Theodora The Great; be the one to put us over the top with a donation of $10 or more and receive a special secret perk.

March 6, 2016--

We are now only 20% away from our first planned goal...

You can be the one to put us over the top and on to the next stage...

With now 30 donations and visits to our Theodora The Great fundraising site from such diverse countries as Austria, Germany, Japan, China, Philippines, Great Britain, the Russia Federation and the Czech Republic, our planned epic motion picture and new Film studio reveals its international appeal.

We are excited for your too to join our "Wall of Gratitude" by visiting, donating or referring our fundraising campaign to produce this debut motion picture about the greatest empress of the Ancient World, Theodora The Great!

Donate and receive a lasting Perk! Immortalize your participation with this new Film Studio and this original historical drama, never before produced by any American Studio! Make referrals and receive perks based on the donations of your referrals.

It's all very simple, and begins here for you:

Feb 20, 2016   Our indiegogo Theodora The Great fundraising pages have now recorded visits from 

Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Czech Republic, Serbia, Nepal, Greece, Singapore, Taiwan, Norway, Sweeden, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Canada, Argentina and Germany.  Excluding the U.S. Which has the highest number of visits, Germany comes second, the Philippines 3rd, Canada 4th,, with Sweden and the United Kingdom tied for 4th in number of visits.  There have been a total of 46 donations made to the planned international production of Theodora The Great. 

We continue ask you to give us your support and donations as we are still working toward our overall $50,000 first stage funding goal  If you can't make a donation, please consider going to our indiegogo pages to make referrals.  If your referrals gift donations up to a certain level you can win a perk from this historic production.  

Our Theodora The Great page will be closing down in a couple days and the funds there will transformed to our "Aeon Film Productions: Theodora The Geat" fundraising page as we continuing working towards our first stage funding goals. Go here to donate and for for further details:

13 Jan 2016--

Wir sind wirklich über die Zukunft für Theodora die große begeistert; jetzt haben Argentinien, Singapur, Griechenland, Taiwan, Norwegen, Kanada, Nepal, Deutschland, Philippinen, Tschechische Republik, Vereinigtes Königreich unserer Theodora die große Spendenaktion Kampagnenseite besucht. Wir sind vor allem froh, dass Besucher aus Deutschland haben die zweite höchste Zahl der Besuche.

Jan 11, 2016--
Producer/Director (Produzent/Reigsseur Dr. Larry E. Johnson adds new video to fundraising site.  
Jan 2, 2016--
Grand Harp Concert date for Theodora The Great is being change to take place a more appropriate venue. New concert time: March TBA, 2016--

Performed by Dr. Marcia Jean Ham, Concert Grand Harpist, In concert for Theodora The Great. Dr. Ham studied under Dr. Jane Weidensaul of the Manhattan School of Music, completing her Phd, MA and BM in Music Theory and Performance. You can receive tickets to this Grand Concert for Theodora The Great solely as a Perk for donating to the production of Theodora The Great. 

Dec 31, 2016--

Director Dr. Johnson expands the audition period of the leading role of Theodora the Great. Submission can now be made through April 23, 2016.  Please see inside for details of submissions.

November 6, 2015--

You can secure one of 12 special, on camera extra roles in this historical drama as a member of Theodora The Great's Retinue. Think of it; you can be on set with the star in designated scenes! All this could be yours if you are 18 - 35 in camera age and no more than 5'8. You pay for your transportation to the set. Make yourself available at times called. We put you up in a hotel and feed you on set. You get to be on screen in a major movie that matters to you!

Visit our newly activated indiegogo fundraising site where you can begin or enhance your journey in the world of Film as a member of the Theodora The Great Retinue.

A $1250 donation secures your place in this epic film. Perks for your contributions will be added daily. Just follow and contribute here:

Oct 30, 2015--

Join a special historic class....
Become a Theodora The Great "Special Artistic Benefactor."--

Our "Special Artistic Benefactor" Perk is for those who contribute $5000. This is a special acknowledgement given at all promotional phases of Theodora The Great (i.e. End Film Trailer Credits will have a "Special Artistic Benefactor" roll call) The world will come to know you as a special benefactor of the Arts as a supporter of this epic historical film.

Visit our newly activated indiegogo fundraising site where you can begin your journey to being remembered as among World Class Philanthropists to the Arts --a Special Artistic Benefactor for the production of Theodora The Great.

The first goal is to raise $50,000 toward the Theodora Great Investor Trailer. $50,000 will cover all pre-production activities through to the shooting of the Investor Trailer.

Perks for your contributions will be added daily. Just follow and contribute here:

Oct 30, 2015--

Dr. Johnson continues preparations for visiting in Salzburg, Austria  and the international search for the leading lady of Theodora The Great. 

September 2, 2015--

This past Saturday at the Longmont Theater. 

Creator and Director of the epic historical drama, Theodora The Great spends time at the Longmont Theater for the live production of the musical "Suds."

"I had a wonderful time; the talent put on a thoroughly enjoyable performance. It's one of those events which helps me think of Theodora The Great in a new light -- always to keep my ideas about the script fresh and historic up to the day of production."