21st century diversity that works!

Aeon Century Company Film Productions (ACC) has brought back the Studio Star Concept.  We are building a New Motion picture production company with unique Studio Stars.

Along with its debut motion pictures in preproduction, Tykarindom, Toll House Horrors, and Theodora The Great, ACC is now seeking to fill the lead role of the last of its debut motion pictures as a new Studio in the heart of the Rockies -- IMPERIUM.

Casting Call for The Starring Role of Imperium. 

Wir Suchen die Hauptschaupielerin für das historisches Drehbuch, Imperium.

Camera Age (Kamera Alt) 18 - 25

Preferred but not required (Vorzogen aber nicht erforderlich)
Height (Hoch) no more than 5 ft 8 in (nicht mehr als 152 cm)
Hair (Haare) Dark (Dunkel)
Eyes (Augen) Dark (Dunkel)
Petite (Schlank)

Send Headshot and Resume to (Schicken Sie deine Portfolio zu):