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Frequently asked Questions:
1. I am interested in being a co-producer of Theodora The Great. Where do you intend to submit the finished film?

Thank you for your question. Ours is an international intention. We intend to produce and submit this Theodora The Great to every international outlet possible -- starting at all the relevant festivals, then to the big screen theaters, and DVD, streaming, so forth. There is no limit to our intentions and business plans for Theodora The Great. This is a major, 3 hour, motion picture effort with over 165+ historical scenes from the life and times of the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient World.

The Theodora The Great Team

Frequently asked Questions:

2. I am interested in being a co-producer of this exciting fantasy-adventure trilogy saga starting with, Tykarindom. Where do you intend to submit the finished film?

Thank you for your question. Ours is an international intention. We intend to produce and submit our original fantasy-adventure, Tykarindom (the first of a planned trilogy)  to every international outlet possible -- starting at all the relevant festivals, then to the big screen theaters, and DVD, streaming, so forth. There is no limit to our intentions and business plans for Tykarindom.  We are about building a successful American Studio for original film production, and Tykarindom is a foundation to that effort.  

The Tykarindom Great Team

Frequently asked 


3. Are the roles in Tykarindom and

Theodora The 

Great paid?  

Yes.  All the roles in Tykarindom and Theodora The 

Great come with a feature motion picture, paying contract. These contracts are called deferred contracts.  Major roles, like a Starring role, may also include a small pre-production stipend; some roles may obtain a "principal photography" stipend.  These stipends are negotiable and circumstances dependent.

4. When do I get paid under my contract?

All the acting contracts have a deferred component in common.  This means when the movie is profitable then the actor gets paid for their 

roles.  Some acting contracts may have monthly stipends  attached, it 

depends on your role and experience as to if you contract has a 

monthly stipend attached.  

5.  When are the monthly stipends to be paid? 

Generally, monthly stipends are contracted to be paid once monthly 

starting at the beginning of what's called "principle photography."  For the much rarer and smaller pre-production stipends (usually only offered to talent who have made the sacrifice to relocate to Colorado for both pre-production and principal photography), payment begins 30 days after relocation to Colorado for pre-production activities. 

6.  Does your project have a budget?

Yes.  There is a written budget plan for both Tykarindom and Theodora The Great.  We think it important to define this term.  We use the term "Budget" in the traditional business fashion.  By "budget," we mean there is a budget breakdown of anticipated costs and a funding mechanism, through a stage by stage process to fully fund our movie projects at the budgets we have set.  This means, funding is an ever ongoing process.  We do not mean to imply, by the term "budget" our two debut productions are "fully funded" at this moment. We think this is important to state, as many in the industry interpret the phrase "budget" in this fashion. These are our debut productions, and we want everyone to be fully aware that funding plans and methods are ongoing, not "fully funded" as the term "budget" means to many in the industry.  Our "budget" calls for each stage of the production to fund itself when necessary.  As this is private business information and for security law reasons, we do not advertise our principal funding mechanism, and we do not give out this information to the 

the unsophisticated public or persons with whom we have had no previous relationship with at this stage. Actors who sign a 

contract and nondisclosure agreement may ask for additional 

information along these lines.  

7.  Do you have the authority to make this movie?

Yes.  Dr. Larry E. Johnson is the sole copyrighted owner of both the three Tykarindom screenplazs and the Theodora The Great screenplay.  All original works of authorship.  Aeon Century Company, Inc. Film Productions is the sole entity authorized by

 Dr. Johnson to produce his screenplays into Motion Pictures.  

8.  How long will it take to make the movie?

It is estimated once casting is completed, that the movie can be 

completed within two years.  The process is broken down 

into 8 months of pre-production, then 12 months of

 production and the remaining 4 months for edit, marketing, release.  

These are estimates and the ratio could change.  All goes well, we hope for a late 2018 or early 2019 release date.

8. Where would the movie be filmed?  Will I have to travel?

Over 85% of the films are planned to be shot in and around Colorado.  Selected scenes in Tykairndom, will be shot in and around NYC. For Theodora The Great, depending on conditions in Turkey at the time of production, selected scenes could be shot on location at many of those historic sites.  As long as Turkey proves unstable and unsafe (considering recent events), this plan however, may have to scraped and those scenes shot on constructed sets. The Company would pay for all travel during principal photography for these purposes as part of its budget.  

9.  Have you ever filmed a movie before?

Tykarindom and Theodora The Great are Dr. Johnson's debut feature-length motion picture effort; however, he has participated, organized,

and shot shorter pieces for television commercials and radio spots.  

Aeon Century Company is a developmental company, and this would 

be the first of several planned motion pictures.  You would be 

entering on the ground floor of a brand new American studio effort 

based out of Colorado. 

10.  How do I audition for a role?

At this time we are only auditioning for the Starring role, but we keep all submissions for later consideration after the Leads for Tykarindom and Theodora The Great are chosen. Go to our casting page 

and look up a role.  Our website is regularly updated with available 

roles.  All auditions are by appointment only unless an Open Casting Day is announced.  If you think you fit the criteria 

of a particular role, send your portfolio to the designated email.  

11.  Can I donate to your motion picture and receive a perk?  

Yes.  We are eager to bring on co-producers, and one way to do so is by donation.  By donating an

 amount listed on our Donors and Investors page, you can receive 

very important perks, such has having your name appear 

conspicuously as a Producer in the Film Credits.  Links a provided throughout this website. 

12.  Where will the movie appear?

We are aiming for a big screen international release.  Tykarindom and Theodora The Great are big screen feature films. However, we are not limited to these venues for the release date. In the modern age of media, all the other important outlets are planned as well -- Video On Demand, Streaming, and Television.  

13. I am not an actor, but I would like to participate; what do I do?

Email us your resume and an Email of interest.  

Whether its as a Makeup Artist, Director Of Photography, Graphic 

Artist, Production Assistant, Assistant Director,Human Resource 

Person, we have need to for all kinds of help in filming the our original fantasy-adventure and story of the 

Greatest Empress of the Ancient World.     


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