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Tykarindom Filming Crew Opportunity
Full-time job

Hey Creatives,

Aeon Century Company (ACC) is looking for crew for a sci-fi fantasy adventure feature film shooting after the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Start your cinematic Arts New Year with an exciting International feature-film team!

ACC is offering paid, negotiable deferred payment contracts, but at the moment, all pay is at the standard non union rate. These temporarily deferred contracts have three basic elements: Box office wage, monthly stipend and hourly rate opportunities. We have already begun filming, but we want to setup a permanent Director of Photography and filming team, light and sound, for the duration of our principal photography. We particularly would like to secure a Production Manager at this time. We are currently seeking funding from studios and production companies. If we do not receive funding, it will be self funded and hit the festival circuit.
As stated, we began Principal Photography in November, we continue in the New Year (Probably later January), principle shooting in Industry, Pennsylvania since the actors are located there. We are looking for locals or those in driving distance since we cannot pay for lodging.

Tykarindom – "Everything you thought you knew about the supernatural is about to change!"

The story of Agia the Supernaturalite, her six companions and one mysterious follower, Andrea the Half-Twin, who face danger as they are drawn into a battle between the realm of the Supernatural and the realm of Magic.

It's CGI heavy like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

Crew Needed; must have own equipment.
DP with equipment (list your equipment)
Production Manager
Cinematographer with equipment (list your equipment)
Boom Op/Sound Recorder/Mixer
CGI digital artist - modeler, animator
Visual Effects Artist
Colorist/Color Timer
Art Director
Location Manager
Scenic Artist
Music Composer
Stunt Coordinator
Storyboard Artist
Key Grip
Key Gaffer
Hair Stylist
Prop Maker & Master
8 PA's (Costume, Production, G&E, Art, Prop)

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We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, concerns and suggestions please let us know. Thanks.


Aeon Century Comany Incorporated is a developmental Colorado based Motion Picture Production company.   


Aeon Century Company, Inc and Aeon Century Film Productions, (ACC), is seeking to hire Commissioned Fundraisers for its debut motion picture: Tykarindom, Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great and Imperium. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a brand new American International Film Production Company. You would be helping bring major motion pictures to the big screen and getting rewarded for exciting meaningful work. If you are self-confident, self-motivated, are not afraid of being in new settings, bold and able to stand up to negative responses, this job could be for you. This month ACC is entering a very important stage. We are now offering Class "B" stock shares, at $1 per share in our film production company. Our goal is to raise $5 million dollars with these sales or a minimum threshold of $2.5 million. You have an excellent product to sell, 4 original screenplays and cast movies with excellent talent. We are having a big week coming, August 31st - Sept 5th as casts members from all over the world will be coming to Philadelphia to kick off what is called "principal photography" (or actual filming) of the flagship movie, Tykarindom. Talent from our other production plans -- Theodora The Great, Toll House Horrors and Imperium will also be coming. So, the funds are most urgently needed. Establishing a new American International film production company is an exciting adventure, This is your chance to get in on the ground floor as an "ACC Tykarindom Broker Agent" You will get 15% commission on each sale.

1. Fluent English
2. Bachelor's Degree
3. Broker's License
4. Locations of: Denver, San Diego or Los Angeles, Philadelphia or New York City.

E. Arapahoe Ave
Greenwood Village, CO 80216

Aeon Century  Company, Inc. is now seeking commissioned brokers, funders, sponsors, donors and distributors for our debut feature-film projects: Tykarindom, Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great and Imperium.  To apply to become an ACC TYKARINDOM BROKER contact us below.