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Welcome to Aeon Pro Se Consulting*
What is Aeon Pro Se Consulting? 

The Aeon Pro Se Consulting Division is a legal and administrative assistance service for private citizens seeking to solve pressing legal problems on their own without the use of expensive attorneys.   

As someone who graduated law school and passed the Colorado Bar,  Dr. Johnson is aware of many people who cannot afford their own Lawyer. As a result, they end up not obtaining the goals or dreams they have, or not getting their just due in difficult circumstances, or they face a huge administrative hurdle which will cost them a load of money.  This is why Dr. Johnson created Aeon Century Company's new consulting division.  Aeon Pro Se Consulting can help you do it own your own! It's called acting Pro Se. You have a right to do things on your own in our legal system. With Aeon's new pro se consulting service, you can do it and succeed!

Do you have a legal problem? Can't afford a Lawyer? Have to determined to do it on your own and you just need basic administrative, editing, and consulting assistance. Give me a call. Aeon Pro Se Consulting may be able to assist you successfully do-it-yourself and on your budget!

Aeon Pro Se Consulting; Effective, Affordable, Compassionate Do-it-Yourself Service. You are own your own, but you are not alone! Tel. 720-589-9782.   To learn more email us at   

Initial Consultation is Free.

The Aeon Pro Se Consulting Division is not a Law firm; we do not do legal analysis that result in legal or strategic opinions. We do not offer legal opinion letters.  We do not represent you in Article III Courts or before Administrative Bodies.  We consult with you about your choice to help your own cause pro se and provide all non-attorney-client-privilege assistance for you to achieve your legal aims.